Eleven Benefits of the Martial Arts


Gichin Funakoshi, Father of Karate

The martial arts have been around for 2500 years. The Chinese were the first to discover that health and wellness could be gained through exercise and a proper attitude, and that is why the martial arts and health are intertwined. A strong body makes for a strong mind. The Chinese also discovered the points used in healing, if applied in a different way, are also the points that destroy, maim and kill.

This is why you will not find a combative martial artist. Rather than the way of war, a true martial artist will seek the way of peace. A traditional bow says “I hide my weapon. I come in peace.” (Right open palm over a closed left fist.)

Here we cover the two most important rules of the martial arts, and the eleven benefits that will be gained with consistent and dedicated practice. Continue reading “Eleven Benefits of the Martial Arts”

A Word About the Martial Arts

martial arts is good for kidsFrequently, parents bring their child to the dojo with despair in their eyes.  “We’ve tried everything to get Johnny to calm down, but nothing seems to be working!”

Parents enroll their child in the martial arts as a last resort, desperate for him to learn to cope with the stressors of life and school. Many times, the parents are at the end of their ropes, not knowing what to do about the bad attitude, the poor grades, and the defiance.

Nothing special is done for these children. They learn the same techniques as the other students, they are expected to pay attention and follow along.

Within three to six months, the parents come to the sensei (teacher) amazed that their child’s grades have improved, his attitude is better, and he is more outgoing and gets along with others.

This used to puzzle me. Yes, the instructors were great, but what makes the difference in such a short time? Continue reading “A Word About the Martial Arts”