How to Use a Kubotan

One of my favorite weapons is the kubotan.  I prefer the ones made with metal alloy because they hold up well, are strong and reliable, and will not break when you use them.

The kubotan is a handy weapon that can be carried as a keychain.  Much more effective than using your keys, and you will always have it with you when you need it.

The techniques for using a kubotan can be used as effectively with pens, toothbrushes, the handle on eating utensils, sticks – anything that is handy will work just as effectively.  Tactical pens are used in the same way.

The thing about carrying a weapon is it is never there when you need it.  You have to reach for a gun or open your knife, but when you attach your keys to your kubotan, you have it in your hand, ready to go.

Never wait until you get to your car, or the door to your house, to fumble in your purse for your keys. A woman distracted is a sure target for an attacker – you need to be alert to your surroundings at all times.

When you leave your work, the mall, the grocery store, you should have your keys in hand.  When you get out of your car and go into your house, you should have your keys in hand.  You never know when someone will jump out at you from a dark corner.

Black Belt showing use of  kubotan
Using a kubotan

The #1 and #2 mottos for self-defense are 1) be aware, and 2) be prepared.

Carry only the keys you need.  Do not carry a fistful of spare keys and keys you no longer need.  The key to your car, to your house, and one or two others that you need is all that is necessary.   This way, you will not be encumbered with unnecessary baggage which could impede your striking.

Kubotans are used for striking.  A pointed end is not necessary, but I prefer a point because it gets their attention and does a little more damage than a flat tip.

The video below shows some good striking points, but here is a more complete list of effective targets that will disable an attacker immediately:


Here are a few other targets not included in the diagram.

  • The philtrum, the middle space between the nose and upper lip.
  • The ears.  Even if you do not directly hit the ear, there is plenty of soft tissue surrounding the ear which will draw his attention if struck.
  • The soft tissue notch in the top of the chest where the two clavicles meet.  You will drive the point into the Adam’s apple and cause immediate pain.
  • The throat.
  • Either side of the chest just below the clavicles.  The subclavian vein runs close to the surface here.
  • Just below the sternal notch where the ribs come together.  The heart and diaphragm reside here.
  • Top of the shoulders above the clavicle.
  • The ribs.  Anywhere will do.
  • The groin.  Most of the time the groin is a target to be avoided, despite all the self-defense moves that advise otherwise.  It is easy to miss the groin with a punch or a kick, but the small tip of the kubotan will easily find its mark.  This is especially handy if your attacker is coming from behind.  Much more effective than a hammer fist to the groin, you can sidestep and swing the kubotan with all your might into the groin or bladder area.
  • The top of the hand will make them release their hold on you.
  • Up the arms are many tender points, and the kubotan works great on someone who is muscle bound.  They cannot resist the urge to let go when you are mercilessly pounding their arm with a pointed stick.
  • The top of the foot.  Many nerves are here, but this area can be difficult to reach unless the situation is right.

As you can see, there are many points on the body that will bend a person in pain.

Study this chart and practice, practice, practice.

Reflexes are not born.  They come through practice.  You must commit these actions to muscle memory so you can react without thinking.  Get a partner or find a dummy like the one used in the video.  Aim for the points described above.

The list is long, and it is not necessary to memorize all the points.  Pick a few and be comfortable with them.

Do not stop at one strike.  Use every point you practiced, swing at your attacker as if your life depends on it, (because it does), and keep swinging until they are disabled, or you are able to get away.

You never know when someone will try to attack you, but if you have your kubotan in hand or anything you can find that is small and preferably pointed, you will increase your chances for escape exponentially.

You cannot afford to be queasy and afraid to defend yourself.  It may bother you to inflict pain on someone else, but better them than you, right?  You are protecting your life.  Will this person drag you off and rape you?  Will they take your money and murder you on the spot?  Are they threatening your child?

Self-defense is used only when in you are in danger.  Once you are threatened all bets are off.  Do everything you can to get out of the situation as quickly as possible.  Kicks, punches, and elbows do not always work, especially if your attacker is very strong, or on drugs.  But striking with a kubotan will protect your hands and is much more effective in inflicting pain.  Properly placed strikes will give you a much better chance of getting safely away.





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