What is the Best Martial Art for Self-Defense?

If you live in the city, you will find a martial arts school on nearly every street corner.  If you live in the country, you might be lucky to find one school in your area.  There are as many different styles and schools as there are instructors.  Each instructor takes the best of what he knows and teaches that.  You can go to three different schools that teach the same style of martial arts and see three different ways of teaching.

A Brief History of the Martial Arts

Buddist Monk

The martial arts began with the Shaolin monks in about 5th Century A.D.  A Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma traveled across the Himalayas and the Gobi desert from India and came to a Shaolin Temple.  There he found the monks in poor physical condition, spending all their time in meditation and none in physical activity.

Bodhidharma established a routine of exercise and nutrition for the monks, and taught them a simple form of defense.  Through his rigid discipline and training, the monks became strong and healthy.  A group of monks perfected these techniques, and when the temples were destroyed by the Chinese government, the monks scattered throughout China and taught their art.  This is why there are many art forms of what we know as kung fu.  This is a general term that encompasses all the Chinese martial arts. Continue reading “What is the Best Martial Art for Self-Defense?”