Why Learn Self-Defense

woman knees man in groin
Check out those heels. A perfect weapon.

Why learn self-defense? 

What is the value of knowing how to defend yourself?  Women are at a greater daily risk for assault than men.  How many precautions do you take during the day to assure your safety?

Do you carry your keys ready to strike, check your backseat before getting into the car, park in a lighted area, never go out alone after dark?  Here are four things most women do every day as second nature.  Do men take these kinds of precautions?

It is a brave woman who will come forth and talk about a rape to a room full of men who have no clue what she is feeling. A room full of men who have had their own sexual exploits have taken advantage of their fair share of women.

A man has his fun, his fling, and forgets about the woman he’s hurt. She is the one that carries the memory.

Rape violates our very essence, the core of our existence.

As much as a woman tries to forget her past, that image, that central focus, stays in her brain. She can go for a time without thinking much about it, but the thoughts are never far beneath the surface.   Triggers in the present remind her of the past trauma as if it just happened.  Yes, even years later.

man looking through binoculars
Eyes are watching you!

Why learn self-defense?

Another reason to learn self-defense is to protect against stalkers. Stalking is the most prevalent crime against women. Stalkers are rapists, estranged husbands, the lovelorn wanting your attention. The commonality between these personalities is power and control.

And the reason why every woman must learn to protect herself.

You may not be able to protect yourself against a stalker.  It is difficult to defend against a shadow, but you know he’s lurking there, so take extra precautions.  Unless you are alone on a dark street, your chances of getting hit are slim, but a stalker attacks when you least expect him.  And the last person you would expect to stalk you are people like your cousin, your neighbor, your sister’s boyfriend.

Well, it is pretty clear there are plenty of aggressors out there to go around. And then consider the spammers and all others who take advantage of anyone they can – the world is full of predators.

Until this mindset changes, until we get this violence under control and people start treating one another with kindness and courtesy, then it is important to know how to protect yourself and your family.

One of the benefits of knowing self-defense is that you can sleep easier because if the time ever came, you will have the peace of mind and confidence to know you can handle a tough situation and not be afraid.

When you confront your fears, you are no longer afraid, and release from fear, my friends, is a wonderful feeling.


Sensei Carol