Rules to follow in the Dojo that will never let you down

Mushin Kenpo Karate is based on mutual respect for all people in class or out.  As martial artists in a class, the people around you are your brothers and sisters.  Treat each other well.

Rules are not made to be broken, but to be followed.  Showing respect for one another is the most important aspect in a dojo. It is important to show respect to the dojo itself, the instructors, past and present, other students, your parents, friends, and anyone else that comes into your life.

When people treat each other well, there is a sense of comradery and teamwork.  Everyone in the dojo has the same goal; to learn to protect themselves and the ones they love.  The instructors of Mushin Dojo do not tolerate bullying of any kind, inside or outside the dojo.

Students are expected to conduct themselves with utmost decorum.  You are representatives of Mushin Dojo, and if you are out on the streets picking fights and showing off your stuff, you are not a representative of the art.

Below are the rules of Mushin Dojo.  They are simple and straightforward.  Act responsibly and the rules are easy to follow.

When to Bow:

  • Upon entering or leaving the dojo.
  • Upon formal opening and closing of class.
  • Before engaging in a workout with a training partner (bow to each other).  This expresses to your training partner that you are there to work out and not to hurt or damage each other.
  • Whenever you wish to address an instructor directly.  (Bow and wait for the instructor to return bow before entering the instructors’ area or training)
  • When entering a mat or ring.
  • Bowing upon entering a dojo shows respect for the past masters that had spent their lives training and developing the martial arts.
  • Bowing to your instructor shows respect and to thank the instructor for taking the time to teach you.

Other Mushin Dojo Rules:

  • No gum chewing during work outs.
  • No smoking in class.
  • Never interrupt the instructor – wait for questions.
  • Wait for permission before leaving the dojo floor. 
  • Never walk away from a workout.
  • No swearing in the dojo.
  • No eating in the dojo.
  • Keep the dojo immaculate.
  • Always wear clean uniform and have a clean body.

Show Respect for Others in the Dojo

  • Refrain from losing your temper.
  • Never make fun other other’s mistakes.
  • Immediately move away from an injured person.
  • Never put down another person’s art.
  • By loyal to your own art.
  • Seek approval of your instructor before entering a tournament or giving a demonstration.
  • Never handle weapons that you are not qualified to.
  • Apply yourself fully to periods of meditation.

Traditional Okinawan Karate is not a sport!  Do not refer to it as a sport. It is a martial art.